Ten Boom Hid Jews in the Hiding Place

During the Nazi Occupation, the ten Boom family hid Jews, as well as Gentiles who were targeted by the Nazis in the ten Boom hiding place which was built inside Corrie ten Boom’s bedroom. Everything was thought of from outside venting to water, hardtack and vitamins. Those who stayed in the ten Booms’ home ate together, shared in the household chores, read scriptures and prayed together, and even put on plays and evenings of entertainment, celebrating all faiths’ holidays. Although the Jews and other guests slept in spare rooms throughout the house an alarm system had been installed to alert them of danger. This would allow those in hiding a chance to run to the top floor of the long house and slide into the small closet behind a false wall in Corrie’s bedroom.

Eventually Corrie along with other family members was arrested. Corrie spent four months in solitary confinement at a prison and then was transferred with her sister to Ravensbrück. Her sister Betsie died in December of 1944. Corrie was released on a clerical error weeks after her beloved sister’s death. Casper ten Boom died after 10 days in prison. In fact all the family rescuers but Corrie, her nephew Peter, Willem and Nollie died at the hands of the Nazis for their altruistic actions.


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