Ten Boom Hiding Place – An Inspiration Worldwide

Corrie started sharing her experiences with the Nazis when she was relieved. After the war, she told people that it’s Betsie’s vision for the Ten Boom Hiding Place to be a shelter to save people during the war. Corrie was invited to speak in several countries like America, England and many more. She was able to gain forgiveness when it comes to Germany though how bitter memories are there. She was able to meet the former guards of Ravensbruck.

She was then asked by a Christian Relief organization to join them manage a camp for refugees who had suffered under Hitler’s regime. Eventually it turned out to be what’s Betsie’s vision.

Corrie was able to write many books and spread all over the world making her famous. She haas been traveling on different countries even those communist ones and inspiring people how good God is even during bad times. But wherever she is, she always visit prisoners as she had been into the same feelings and experiences as those people.

Everything has an end, and she died in her peaceful home in America but full of love from God. Her story was called Ten Boom Hiding Place and later made into a film.